Blonde Ambition

Getting healthy one mistake at a time

Don’t drink your calories

on August 7, 2012

Out of every set of lists or rules of what-have-you of ways to get healthy, the one from Bob Harper has made the most sense to me…

When it comes to rule 2, don’t drink your calories, this is something I think I actually do quite well! I know some people have a huge weakness when it comes to pop (or soda…) but it’s never been my thing. One thing that I love is tea, and I’ve always preferred my tea unsweetened. After my sister got me a cuppow as part of my last birthday gift, we have an overload of mason jars floating around our house.


Every morning I use my wonderful electric kettle to make some teas and toss them in the fridge so we can grab them throughout the day. I like to use fruit teas and I think they are tasty without any sugar, a nice option instead of fruit juices. I also love to mix green tea and peppermint! Plus it adds some nice color to the fridge…


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