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Highs and Lows from This Year

on August 7, 2012

So, I’m jumping on the bandwagon a little late (which will probably be a theme as time goes on…) but thanks to my cousin and her blog I have decided to try the August Healthy Living/ Fitness Blogger Challenge just like she is!

And today’s is a pretty easy one to write about, highs and lows from this past year…. One of the highs is really easy, I “ran” in the Color Run this year! So much fun even though I’d say I probably walked more than I ran (but I also did zero preparation so what did I really expect?) This actually ties in quite nicely with one of my biggest lows from the year… seeing all the “plans” I made that never became anything more than an idea. I have some pretty scary BEFORE pictures I took last February and look exactly the same. Realizing where I could be at this point if I had just stuck with all the ideas I had can be disheartening, but I try to not dwell on the what could have been and focus on what will be!

I think one of the greatest highs you can have when it comes to trying to live healthier is simply showing up. Signing up for a 5k or anything like that  is one thing, not chickening out (even when you’re not prepared) and just simply showing up and giving it the best you have at that time is something I think should be applauded. Personally, I took the Color Run, which has more of a focus on fun and isn’t even officially timed, as a nice and pressure-free sort of restart to the whole getting in shape thing.

A pretty constant high for me is swimming. It’s the one physical activity that really makes me feel accomplished and like I’m doing more than the average person. I think everyone has that “one thing” that is kind of their working out super power, and I think I was born with fins!


3 responses to “Highs and Lows from This Year

  1. fitnesscheerleader says:

    I agree following through on a race takes just about as much guts as signing up for it in the first place. Great job!

    • Christine says:

      Actually running the entire thing is next on my list… but just being there gets me so motivated to want to try and keep at it! I feel like running and I will never get along.

  2. So happy that you decided to take another go at this 🙂 And yes, even though you didn’t “run” the whole thing, it’s awesome that you’ve already got two 5ks DONE! You didn’t die!! 🙂

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