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Blogger writing catch-up (again)

on August 15, 2012

As the summer is slowly coming to an end my work schedule is beginning to lighten up too. However, this week has been one of the busiest as it seems many people are trying to get in their last few swim lessons before school starts again! I’ve been happy enough just to make it home in one (water logged and wrinkled) piece! So much like my previous post, in a trend I’m hoping to end soon, here is another mini catch up post for the Fitness Cheerleader’s August Healthy Living/ Fitness Blogger Writing Challenge!

Famous person I’d like to work out with? The USA men’s swim team. Yes I love to swim and it’s really ever the only workout I want to do… and then this…


Favorite junk food? All of it. Seriously, sugar is my vice, big time. If I had to choose… oreos and Sonic’s milkshakes (strawberry and hot fudge!!)

Motivational quote?


What if… I don’t let myself get caught up in those thoughts. I’ve found that some people can get so stuck in the what ifs of the past that their present cease to exist. Instead of what if I…. I try to think of what will I…

First 10 songs on the ipod…. Nothing. Seriously. I’m a pandora type of girl.


2 responses to “Blogger writing catch-up (again)

  1. Carrie says:

    My ipod sucks right now too – I’m all about Pandora and Spotify. Still getting the hang of that one.

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