Blonde Ambition

Getting healthy one mistake at a time


Just let the rest of the world, I’m on a mission to get healthy, make smarter decisions, the whole “lifestyle change” thing. Also, like most of the world, I have a million “day one”s, do great for a week then somehow eat all the Oreos… and ice cream…, plan to work out and get as far as digging out of running shoes even though they usually don’t end up wandering much further from the door. This blog will document my attempt, yet again, to go from a BEFORE to an AFTER.

This will focus on the usual health and fitness type things… trying to eat better, recipes I’ve tried, workouts that I attempt and of course any results that come along the way. I have another blog called Unnecessary Necessities and if you’re interested in any beauty type things (nails, hair, homemade products) check it out! I’ll probably be linking between the two, but to begin I thought I’d keep health and beauty¬†separate!

So follow, comment, suggest, or just read along!


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