Blonde Ambition

Getting healthy one mistake at a time

Day One… Again

Time to dust off the keyboard and get to blogging again. Along with trying to get my beauty blog Unnecessary Necessities back on track, it’s time to start a new chapter. As I started to say in my About page, I’m trying to get healthier and using this blog share what happens.

A little more about me… I’m firmly in my mid-20s and have never really been healthy or in shape. I swam when I was in high school (I picked that sport as a freshman mostly because it involved no running) and the amazing thing from that is I discovered my love for the water! I now work as a swim instructor and a fancy health club and I have to admit that I do love my job!

I love sugar. And bread. And snacking all hours of the night. And I know that’s a huge part of the reason I’m in the shape I am now (hey, circle is a shape, right?). I think it’s all common sense what needs to happen… eat less, exercise more. It’s not some mystery that eludes everyone, it’s just hard. Like, crazy hard. I feel like I’m finally to a point in my life where I am up the challenge, so here we go!

I have list the “categories” for this blog as feelings, fitness, and food, because I feel like those are the three things that are the key to success and failure in all of this.